Dagelijks archief: november 29, 2016

Does the Netherlands’ extradition of genocide suspects to Rwanda violate their human rights?

flag-map_of_rwanda-svgThe Dutch Office of the Prosecutor (Landelijk Parket) announced on 12 November 2016 that the Netherlands had extradited two Rwandan nationals to Rwanda, which suspects them of involvement in the 1994 genocide. The way for these extraditions was cleared by the Hague Court of Appeal, which on 5 July 2016 decided that extradition to Rwanda did not violate the suspects’ human rights (decision only available in Dutch). The decision confirms an international pattern of deference to Rwanda in extradition proceedings and of rejection of human rights challenges to extradition. It is to be applauded in that it takes account of the important strides which Rwanda has made with respect to due process protections in the criminal law. Giving the benefit of the doubt may pay important long-term dividends in terms of rule of law learning in a post-conflict state such as Rwanda.  
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