Dagelijks archief: februari 20, 2018

How Dutch Tort Law Responds to Risk

On the 20th of February, the volume Risk Regulation through Private Law, edited by Ucall-research fellow Matt Dyson, was launched at Oxford University. The volume explores, for nine legal systems, an overarching legal conception of risk, particularly of the linked role of a) risk-taking in generating liability and b) in liability regulating risk. It consists of two parts. Part I of the volume (Risk Overviews) deals with risk-based reasoning within those nine tort law systems and examines how risk influences the nature and content of tort law. Part II (State of the National Art on Risk) focuses on specific developments within the legal systems. Ivo Giesen, Elbert de Jong and Marlou Overheul wrote the Dutch chapter for part I. De Jong also wrote the Dutch chapter for part II, dealing with judicial risk regulation in e.g. the context of climate change, tobacco related risks, and air-quality standards (for more on that, see here and here). In this weblog we discuss the most important insights of the Dutch chapter in part I (see I. Giesen, E.R. de Jong & M. Overheul, ‘How Dutch Law Responds to Risks’, in: M. Dyson (ed.), Regulating Risk Through Private Law, Intersentia 2018, p. 165-193).  Lees verder