Dagelijks archief: mei 22, 2015

Dutch experiences with accelerating the settlement of cases

vienna-363186_640The settlement of personal injury claims after an accident can be difficult, can be complicated and can take a long, long time. Furthermore, procedures in general tend to be inefficient, and often fail to resolve all the underlying conflicts. We, the Dutch, are searching for new and better ways of dealing with claims, especially with personal injury claims. In fact, we are currently in the process of a judicial reform, aiming to make access to the courts easier and faster. We have evaluated our neat new partial dispute procedure, helping the parties to resolve their disputes out of court. The Dutch Ministry of Justice has proposed a draft bill on the redress of mass damages in a collective action. Last but not least, the legitimacy of working on the basis of the “no cure no pay” principle in personal injury cases is introduced by a pilot project. These four developments share the same goal of a more effective and efficient redress.
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