Dagelijks archief: april 16, 2018

Land grabbing as a tort; balancing legal certainty with justice in individual cases

Each year in the week after Easter the most significant developments of the past year in the field of tort law in Europe are discussed at the Annual Conference on European Tort Law in Vienna. This conference welcomes practitioners and academics not only from Europe, but from all over the world. Experts from across Europe present the highlights of their contributions to the Yearbooks European Tort Law, which are published yearly. At the 17th Annual Conference on European Tort Law that took place at the Austrian Ministry of Justice and the Austrian Academy of Science in Vienna on 5-7 April 2018, I represented the Netherlands and spoke about a case in which the Dutch Supreme Court balanced legal certainty with justice by prolonging the prescription period of a right of action in case of land grabbing. When legal certainty and justice are struggling for supremacy, as is the case in prescription law, the question is whether the one predominates over the other. Lees verder