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Enforcement of Regulation 261/2004 and untransferable compensation claims. A blog about Court of Oost Brabant of 28 June 2018, ECLI:NL:RBOBR:2018:3169

Your flight is delayed. You arrive at your destination more than three hours late. You’ve heard of Regulation 261/2004 (hereafter: Reg261) that entitles you to € 400 compensation for that delay. Perhaps you call the airline and ask for compensation. You are told to fill out a web form on the airline’s website. After weeks of silence, you call again. The customer service asks you to fill out the same web form once more. You send a rather annoyed e-mail about the delay, your complaint, and your feelings about customer care services in general. You receive an e-mail in which you are thanked for choosing the airline’s service, followed by an expression of regret for the delay of the flight in question, and a notification that – unfortunately – you are not eligible for compensation because the delay was caused by an extraordinary circumstance which exonerates the airline from paying compensation.
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