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District Court of The Hague holds State of the Netherlands liable for Srebrenica massacre – Part II

Srebrenica Dutchbat Minor WO2On 16 July 2014, in the case of Mothers of Srebrenica v. State of the Netherlands, the District Court of The Hague held the State of the Netherlands liable for damages incurred by relatives of victims of the Srebrenica massacre resulting from the cooperation of Dutchbat – the Dutch battalion of the United Nations forces responsible for the safe area around the Bosnian town of Srebrenica – in the deportation of male Muslim refugees from Dutchbat’s compound by the Bosnian Serbs on 13 July 1995. In an earlier post on the Hague District Court’s decision inthis case, I discussed the attribution of acts of Dutchbat to the Netherlands. In this second post, I will address (1) the limited extraterritorial application which the Court gave to the European Convention on Human Rights, and (2) the application of Dutch law to events that occurred outside the Netherlands. Lees verder